• Students are allowed 10 days of absence in a school year without a doctor's note.  After that a doctor's note is required.  However, anytime your child misses school and sees the doctor, please ask for a note to send to school.

    We also have an attendance line that is available 24 hours day to call if your child will be absent.  That number is 979-8320.

    Attendance Is Important

    When students attend school, it is somewhat like a practice for when they are grown and have a job to go to every day.  In the workplace, showing up late or missing excessive days could mean the loss of a job.

    We highly encourage you to instill good "work" practices in your child.  Get them to school on time and encourage good attendance except when they are truly sick.  If the child goes to the doctor, please provide a doctor's note.  Students are allowed 10 days of excused absences for the year before the San Juan Unified School District begins to send out warning letters for attendance.

Last Modified on May 22, 2014