Montessori Program Overview

  • <fontsize="3">We began our Montessori journey in the Winter of 2011 and completed our transition to a TK-5 Montessori program in 2016.  We have a total of three Early Childhood classrooms (TK-K), seven Lower Elementary classrooms (Grades 1-3), and 4 Upper Elementary classrooms (Grades 4-5).  All of our classrooms are multi-age.  This increases the opportunities for peer teaching and student leadership. 

    We believe that a Montessori education is a powerful approach that will foster life long learning, intrinsic motivation and prepare our children to be productive citizens. of our planet.
    Below are a few highlights which will give you insight to our passion for this proven approach to learning.

    The Cottage Montessori Program develops children who have:

    • Self-discipline
    • A love of learning
    • Focus/concentration
    • A love of silence
    • Independence
    • Happiness
    • Self-motivation
    • Contentment
    • A sense of order     
    • Genuine concern for others

    Benefits of a Montessori Education:

    • The students learn in a prepared environment, one of the central tenets of Montessori;s philosophy of learning.
      • The prepared environment allows the child to fully develop and learn at his or her own pace through scientifically developed purposeful activities.
    • The students learn with Montessori trained teachers who facilitate learning through supervising, nurturing, and guiding the child on his path to self-discovery.
      • Montessori teachers are trained observers and recorders of the child's progress.
      • Montessori teachers serve as a role model having intellectual curiosity, self-discipline, and a passion for learning.
      • At Cottage Montessori our teachers have both California State Teaching Credentials and Montessori certification.
    • The students learn using didactic materials, specifically designed hand-on materials which are self correcting using size, color, number or shape.
    • The students' classroom is furnished with child-size furniture and fixtures.  Everything is within the child's reach and easily accessible.
    • The students have long periods of uninterrupted work.  This helps the child build a high level of concentration while gaining a deep understanding of the concepts being learned.
    • The students have individualized learning which follows his or her own inner pace and learning preference as they progress through the curriculum.
    • The students have opportunities for peer teaching.  When a child can explain what they know to make others understand, they gain a truer and deeper understanding for themselves.
Last Modified on August 1, 2019