Youth Power

  • 2017 - 2018 Advisors:

     ** Mrs. Corey ** Mrs. McCulloch ** Mr. Deal ** Mrs. Teachout
    What is Youth Power?
    Written by Youth Power Students
    Are you looking for a way to be involved with our school and community? If so, Youth Power may be just what you are looking for. Youth Power is an after school program that is shaping young leaders at Dewey Elementary. Kids are very involved in everything that happens at our school. We are a community service organization, so we help out with things like the canned food drive and Pennies for Patients. We meet on Tuesdays, about twice a month. Not only does Youth Power shape kids to be leaders, kids shaped Youth Power. We had a big part in the organization of the program. We are the ones wo came up with the jobs and rules for the program.
    In Youth Power you will do many fun things. You will get to go to fun places, like Bounce U and Sunrise Rollerland, help around the school, and much more. You are encouraged to apply for a job. Some of the jobs you can apply for include: Planet Protectors, News Crew, Special Assignment and many more. Some jobs help the custodians, some promote events at our school, others involve the running of the student store. You're sure to love the job you get. If  you want to help out with the school, Youth Power is the program to be in! All 4th through 6th graders can sign up for this fun after-school program. Forms are available in the office hallway. 
    Come Join Us! 
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