Academics at Pasadena Avenue Elementary

  • Develop a Passion for Science and Engineering at Pasadena Avenue Elementary!

    Pasadena is an innovative science and engineering school-
    All curriculum will be taught through a scientist lens.

    Pasadena's school curriculum includes:  

    • Science - The primary focus for Pasadena. Students follow the scientific method to enhance their learning through analyzing the world around them.  Pasadena's environment offers multiple opportunities to see life science.  All Next Generation Science Standards will be explored in each grade level.
    • Reading/Language Arts (English) - Through whole group and small group instruction, students work with Benchmark Advance and other materials to reach the Common Core State Standards.
    • Math - Scott Foresman & Addison Wesley enVisionMATH with SWUN Math.  Concepts are thoroughly taught and explored through 16 Common Core topics at each grade level.  
    • Social Studies - Studies Weekly - From kindergarten to 3rd grade, students study families and their community, in 4th grade California history, in 5th grade U.S. history and government.
    • Physical Education (P. E.) - Students participate in a variety of physical fitness and recreational sports programs for at least 200 minutes every 10 days.  
    • Science Lab- Students participate in hands on lab activities twice a week for 40 minutes. In the lab they explore investigations and engineer solutions to problems that they are learning about in class.
    • Character Education - All schools encourage students to become responsible citizens through a comprehensive character education program in which the principles of honesty, responsibility, courage, and respect are emphasized.  
    • Technology - Students use laptops, chrome books and Ipads to access educational information as well as participate in internet-based assessments. 

    Allotted Instructional Time Per Day - The minutes of instruction required by law (except for minimum days) are: Kindergarten - 200 min/day; Grades 1-3 - 310 min/day; Grades 4-6 - 315 min/day.  

    For more information: Kindergarten through sixth grade Academic Standards can be found on the California Department of Education website. The site lists content (academic) standards by subject area, then further breaks them down by grade level. 
Last Modified on December 7, 2020