GRDC Middle School

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    As the neighborhood, K-8 school option, GRDC presents a small, supportive, and inclusive learning environment tailored to individual learning needs. Our middle school experience can be characterized as personalized, intimate relationships that lead to effective learning environments. If one was to compare our learning environment to the choices students face when applying to colleges, we would be the small liberal arts college. All of our teachers are highly qualified in addition to being very accomplished within their subjects.

    Our heterogeneously-grouped middle school students score high in comparison with other programs across the district regardless of which program they did or didn’t qualify for – once again the personalization of the learning process is the key to our success. For example, we provide math acceleration for students who are ready for the experience. Engaging students by providing them with enriching opportunities via our Project Based Learning electives, internships, student government, and before/after-school options of: sports, band, and enrichment classes replicate programs available at the comprehensive middle schools; however, the percentage of our student body that can access and participate in these programs is much higher than a typical middle school. No student is ever turned away from an opportunity for lack of space.

    Our focus on science and technology continues through the middle school years. We are about to launch the only one-to-one student computer initiative in SJUSD where students will be allowed to bring their own technology tools from home. If you visit our main webpage and click on the facebook news feed you can see pictures of our middle school students involved in typical activities.

    We understand the importance of making a middle school choice based on which program best meets your student's interests. If there is a specific aspect of the GRDC program you may have questions about please don’t hesitate to ask us a question. We are very accessible and encourage communication with our families. Each child has different learning needs and we recognize that fact, so if there is any way we can help you make your decision, please give us a call or send us an email. Providing individualized attention is second nature to our program.



    Molly Silva - 6th Grade Core (English/History)

    Greg Grigsby - 6th Grade Core (Math/Science)

    Julie Marks – 7th Grade Core (Science/Math) , Community Service Elective 

    Laini Manley – 7th Grade Core (English/History) and Project Based Learning Elective

    Andy Avilla - 7th Grade Core(English/History)/ 8th Grade Core (English/History) Spanish 1

    Melissa Smith – 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Math

    Cassandra Trevino - 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science

    Ashley Collins – 8th Grade Core (English/History), and Project Based Learning Elective

Last Modified on August 1, 2022