BYOD 1 to 1 Computing Program

  • Gold River Discovery Center has a Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D) student computer initiative! This notification is to inform and guide you through this opportunity. Please note that students are never required to bring in outside technology to school. All students will continue to be able to utilize our school equipment. No student will be left out of the instruction process.

    Students who participate in the BYOD program will use their student supplied chromebook, iPad, tablet, notebook, or netbook computers in conjunction with student accounts in grades 4th through 8th. Students can use personal computers in class for note taking, Internet access, research and communication with their teachers. It is our hope that these devices will become ubiquitous to the learning process just like the Casio and Texas Instruments graphing calculators of years past. The seamless use of the technology will be similar to today’s choice between a pen or a pencil. Students will be granted access to the district’s filtered Internet access only. Listed below are some of our general expectations for the new program:

    1. Students will only use appropriate technology at teachers’ discretion.
    2. Students will only use appropriate educational applications on their device (i.e. not games and/or non-school related tasks and functions).
    3. Students are permitted to access only the school’s network through personal devices, not private networks.
    Students utilizing this opportunity to its fullest capacity within school expectations will find numerous benefits to instruction, resources, completion of assignments and personal organization.

    Likewise, students not following expectations for use of personal devices will face school disciplinary measures and lose the privilege to utilize personal devices in school for a period of time commensurate with the infraction.

    When shopping for a device, please keep in mind the minimum requirements for programs: Overall, we are primarily looking for devices that cost $500 or less. The devices that we have in mind consist of the: Chromebooks, iPad, Tablet, Notebook, or Netbook genre.

    We suggest that any device you purchase for school use be able to run flash content for optimal learning versatility. Some websites, such as and our optional, fee-based, foreign language learning opportunity via Rosetta Stone requires a device to run Adobe Flash content. iPads do not run Adobe flash programs; therefore, buying an iPad would potentially limit the curriculum options for your child. Sometimes websites have developed applications that are available in the Apple App Store that make the flash content accessible on the iPad. Please see the back page for minimum computer requirements for different programs.

    Absent the need for Flash, practically any device that has a keyboard, WiFi connectivity, an up-to-date web browser (FireFox, IE, Safari, etc…), and the ability to access Google Docs so students can create, edit, and publish documents will suffice. At this point in time, since we are limiting students to devices that have a keyboard and can access Google Docs in a meaningful way, iPods/(iTouch), iPhones, and Smartphones are not included in the devices we will presently support in the classroom for day-to-day computing use.

    Be reminded that all students of GRDC have signed the District Acceptable Use Policy related to technology and internet use. Please know that this policy applies to student iPad, tablet, notebook, or netbook computer use in school.

    Students must understand and accept the responsibility that accompanies this privilege. It will also be the responsibility of the students to make sure that their device does not create a distraction to the learning environment.

    The use of student personal computers is strictly optional. Students that do not use their personal computer will continue to use school computers – however they will not have the option to take these computers home.

    All student personal computers need to be registered with the technology department and must have up to date antivirus software installed.

    We look forward to the educational opportunities that BYOD will provide. Given the fact that we are the only school in San Juan Unified implementing this new program, our staff understands that there will be some unknown challenges that may arise with full implementation of this pioneering BYOD policy. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Thank you for your understanding and reinforcement of the initial procedures and expectations for this initiative.

    The Technology Committee
Last Modified on August 18, 2014