GATE Program

  • GRDC’s GATE Mission

    Provide high quality differentiated opportunities for learning that successfully address gifted and talented students’ individual and unique abilities and talents while meeting and exceeding state and local content standards within the context of the regular school day.

    GRDC’s GATE Plan

    • Project Based Learning – Minimum 1 PBL project in every grade level
    • Accelerated Reader/Bookshop – Students receive reading materials on their individualized reading level
    • Math Acceleration – GRDC offers Algebra & Geometry in middle school and we are piloting acceleration opportunities via online learning websites such as the Stanford EPGY Open Enrollment Program and Khan Academy
    • Writers Workshop – Students receive individual feedback on their writing skills in addition to strategy lessons to accelerate the individual’s writing
    • Advanced K-1 students, although not formally identified GATE by the district, are provided flexible grouping options so they will be challenged in their studies
    • Enrichment Classes – GRDC is launching a new program that offers a wide variety of fee-based enrichment class for all students
    • K-1 students, although not identified, are provided flexible grouping options
    • Provide opportunities in performing arts, sciences, leadership, & sports
    • All GATE students receive Individualized Learning Plans that are shared at fall conferences
    If the website's photo gallery doesn't display correctly, here is a link to a PDF file of the slides: GRDC Accelerated Learning-GATE Presentation
Last Modified on January 9, 2015