English Learner Advisory Committee

    • An English Learner Advisory Committee is intended for parents/guardians of English Learners to advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for English Learners.
    • An ELAC is required at every school that has more than twenty (20) identified English Learners, regardless of the types of programs offered at the school.
    • The ELAC serves in an advisory capacity.
    • In the SJUSD, the minimum number of meetings required is four per year (school consults with members to determine dates and times).

    What is an English Learner?

    • An English Learner is a student whose primary language is not English and is still developing his/her English skills.
    • Other terms that are sometimes used to describe English Learners are: EL students, limited English proficient (LEP) students, ESL/ELD students, English language  learners (ELL).
    • An English Learner will be considered fluent English proficient (FEP) when he/she meets the district’s reclassification criteria.

    Reclassification Criteria

    • The purpose of reclassification is to assure that English Learners have acquired English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at the level of a native speaker of English.
    • The State Board of Education established four broad reclassification criteria: They are:
      • English Proficiency
      • Teacher Evaluation and Recommendation
      • Parent Consultation
      • Basic skills in the English Language Arts part of the California Standards Test (CST)
    • SJUSD has adopted the State Criteria listed above.
Last Modified on June 1, 2014