6th, 7th, 8th Grade Resources


    In partnership with our diverse community, the mission of Lichen K-8, a collaborative neighborhood school of excellence, is to inspire and engage all students to succeed in an ever-changing world through positive character trait development and innovative student-centered academic rigor embedded with technology and enriched by the arts.

    K-8 Philosophy

    The K-8 schools in the San Juan Unified School District will provide an alternative to the middle school environment for parents and students. The school staff and the community work collaboratively to allocate the resources and plan programs for the advantage of all students. All students receive instruction in their grade level academic standards as well as experience enriching activities that take them beyond the academic core. There are high expectations academically, and student responsibility is stressed. In a stable community setting, teachers follow the development of children from kindergarten through the beginning years of adolescence in the seventh and eighth grades. Parents are an integral aspect of the school setting providing assistance in the classroom and with school-wide programs. The entire staff strives to give middle level students the opportunities to develop leadership roles in a smaller, more familiar setting. Younger students benefit in their academic and social development from these positive role models. The school also provides opportunities for social development by providing activities that are age appropriate.

    Lichen 6/7/8 students are part of the SJUSD K-8 Program.

    However, our 6/7/8 program has the following changes and additions in order to meet the needs and enhance our students’ experience during their middle school years.
Last Modified on August 6, 2020