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    As our schools and community have experienced radical change in the last few months we are all eager to know: What comes next? 

    We need your help to answer that question. District and school staff members have been busy brainstorming and imagining what the 2020-2021 school year might need to look like. No decisions have been made but what we do know as we work to move forward is that: 

    • We will need to offer educational options in different formats to meet the varied needs of our students and families. While some will want to return to physical classrooms others will want or need to remain in a distance learning model. 
    • How we operate will need to change as we implement social distancing practices both inside and outside the classroom. 
    • It will be necessary to remain flexible and adapt to changing conditions as health guidance and other circumstances change. 


    To help in the decision-making process and determine the details of next school year, we would like your feedback on your family’s distance learning experience and what needs you might have in 2020-2021. To participate, parents and guardians may take this brief survey through May 27. At the end of the survey you’ll also be invited to participate in a community-wide Thoughtexchange designed to help surface roadblocks and creative ideas for next year.

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    Chromebook Loan and Supplies Distribution

    Tuesday, April 14 1-4:00pm at Schweitzer


    In order to comply with the social distancing orders, we are scheduling families for specific pickup times. Our lines will form on the walkways coming into the front entrance of the school, one line coming from the north end (where the cross walk and buses park) and the other coming from the south end (where students wait to be dropped off/picked up).  The lines will merge into one line in the direction of the MP room.  There will be tape markings 10 ft apart, whereupon parent/child will stand moving to next taped X.  A staff member will direct how the line moves.

    For families with more than one student who needs a device, please bring all the SJUSD students in the family during one of your children’s time slots.  There will be more than enough devices so no need to show up early out of fear that there will be none left. Let’s play it safe, and show up at the time on the schedule, so that you stay healthy while practicing social distancing. If for some reason you can’t make the time of the youngest student, then you are welcome to show up at the older student’s time slot.  If you miss your time slot(s), then please show up between 3:15-4:00pm.  Along with picking up a device, an information packet about the device, available tech support, and how to sign-up for home Internet will also be shared. 

    There will be bags of supplies/materials available per grade level, placed in an area separate from the MP room.


    1:00-1:45pm             Kindergarten and 1st

    1:45-2:30pm             2nd and 3rd

    2:30-3:15pm             4th and 5th

    3:15-4:00pm             Come if you missed your earlier time slot

    When you arrive to pick up a device please have the following information

    • For parents/guardians that arrive without a student, please bring an ID or driver’s license (a phone or utility bill may be accepted if the name and address on the bill matches a student’s parent/guardian of record).  


    Please take good care of these devices as they are taken from Classrooms. 

    Once this Coronavirus situation is over, we will need to have them returned so they can continue to be available for our students.

    Once you obtain your device, please exit the MP room through back door out to parking lot immediately.

    Our playground isn’t open for use.


    Hello Schweitzer Families!!! from Schweitzer Media Club on Vimeo.

Last Modified on May 18, 2020