Areas of Responsibility

  • All members of the school community have the responsibility to ensure and to maintain a stable, positive learning environment. Human trust, acceptance and concern for each individual must be fostered in order to achieve this climate in school. With these basic rights go the responsibility for guiding and disciplining their efforts to achieve this common goal of human respect.

    School Responsibilities

    All school staff has the responsibility of providing a teaching/learning environment that contributes to the atmosphere of respect and trust within the school community. School staff members are responsible for:
    • Teaching and modeling school rules and acceptable standards of behavior
    • Communicating to parents/guardians student progress and other school related information
    • Consistently reinforcing school and district rules and procedures
    • Treating each individual and situation with respect and objectivity

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

    Parents and guardians are responsible for reinforcing their children’s behaviors that are consistent with the school and district behavior codes. Parents/guardians are to form a partnership with school staff regarding decisions directly affecting their children and the well-being of the school as a whole:
    • Read and discuss the school’s policies, procedures, and school rules
    • Support and generate respect for staff, property, and programs
    • Reinforce behaviors with their children that are consistent with school and district policy
    • Communicate with the school about student progress.

    Student Responsibilities

    Respecting the rights of others and demonstrating self-discipline are the primary requirements of student behavior so that an optimum school climate may exist.  Students are expected to:
    • Learn and follow school rules and procedures
    • Respect the rights and property of others
    • Exhibit and model positive attitudes and actions
    • Make responsible choices using communication and problem solving

Last Modified on June 2, 2014