Discovery Club

  • Discovery Club is a 12 month program for children, kindergarten through 12 years of age. To be eligible for a specific Discovery Club, children must be enrolled and attend the elementary school on campus.

    Children are enrolled according to program waiting list guidelines. Enrollment must take place within two weeks of being offered a space in the program. If parents decline the space offered, they are removed from the list but may call again to see if space is available at a later date. Children who will start kindergarten in the fall are eligible to start Discovery Club the first day of summer prior to their first day of kindergarten.

    More than day care, this program has planned activities which enable students to complete homework, develop special projects, and work together cooperatively as well as providing free time and physical activities. For more information about Schweitzer's Discovery Club call 971-5975.
Last Modified on June 2, 2014