Nut Free Zone

  • Greer Elementary

    is a

    NUT-FREE School

    Peanut free  

    Rules for food in Classrooms

    There are strict rules in regards to what foods can be brought into the classrooms from parents. We can only serve foods that are purchased at a store or prepared at an establishment with health standards certification.

    No more homemade items can be served to students.

    Please help us in providing safe, healthy foods for our students.

    In addition, Greer Elementary is establishing a nut-free policy to create a safe environment for all of our students. Please, refrain from bringing any food items that include peanuts or any items in the nut family. Look closely at all nutritional labels to see if the product shared equipment at a facility where nuts/peanuts have been processed. Thank you for your understanding and concern for all Greer Panthers!
Last Modified on June 2, 2014