English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

  • What is ELAC?
    • An English Learner Advisory Committee is intended for parents/guardians of English Learners to advise the principal and school staff on program and services for English Learners.
    • An ELAC is required at every school that has more than twenty-one (21) identified English Learners, regardless of the types of programs offered at the school.
    • The ELAC serves in an advisory capacity.
    What is the composition of the ELAC?
    • While there is no minimum number of members required, there should be enough members for meaningful parental input.
    • Percentage of parents of English Learners in the ELAC must be at least the same as that of English Learners in the school.
    • As long as the criteria in the second item above is maintained, other members may include parents of non English learners, school, staff, and community members.
    • ELAC membership includes all the elected members, not just the officers.
    What is the relationship to other committees?
    • It is recommended that the School Site Council (SSC) include representation by parents of English Learners.
    • The SSC needs to seek input from the ELAC, at a minimum, about the school plan and the EIA-LEP budget.
    • The ELAC may delegate duties to SSC (for up to two years if a SBCP) only after ELAC is formed and trained on rights and responsibilities. The SSC must then carry out all ELAC duties.
    • School facilitates interaction between committees.


Last Modified on August 2, 2016