Bridges After-School Program

  • Building Bridges to Student Success

    The San Juan Unified School District's comprehensive Bridges After-School Program provides low cost copay academic intervention and pro-social enrichment in a safe and positive environment. Students realize academic success through the implementation of each of the four components of the program: academic support, enrichment/disguised learning, pro-social skills/recreation, and parent sfile://localhost/Users/bridges/Desktop/2013-14fillableapppacketenglish.pdfupport and empowerment. In order for a student to be successful in the program, strong relationships between program staff, school staff, parents and students are needed.

    Program Components

    • Academic Support - The academic support component of the program consists of homework and tutorial assistance, reading and academic intervention/remediation.
    • Enrichment/Disguised Learning - The enrichment/disguised learning component is implemented through a learning center approach. Learning centers may include nutrition, art, mathematics, science, reading, drama and other topics that are complementary to traditional school day instruction.
    • Pro social Skills/Recreation - The pro social skills/recreation component consists of structured indoor and outdoor activities.
    • Parent Support and Empowerment - A Parent Orientation is provided at the beginning of the program and on throughout the year to provide information and facilitate communication between program staff, parents and students.

    Attendance Policy

    Students must attend Bridges After-School five days per week for a minimum three hours per day. If a student is absent, parents are expected to communicate, written or verbally, to the Bridges program staff in addition to the traditional school day staff. Ten cumulative unexcused absences can be considered excessive and a student's enrollment in the program may be revoked. Space is limited and there are usually waiting lists.

    Child and Adult Care Food Program

    The Bridges After-School program announces sponsorship of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). After school snacks are available without charge to all enrolled children.

    Hours of Operation

    Programs operate five days a week, Monday through Friday, from approximately 2:55 - 6:00 p.m. The program does not operate on holidays.
Last Modified on June 3, 2014