Yearbook Information and Sales


    Yearbook News!

    Yearbooks are on sale now.

    To purchase your yearbook:

    1. Come to the main office and go to the MVHS Finance Office.  Kim Finney can help you.  Her contact information is: or 916-971-5266
    2. Balfour website at (Search Mesa Verde High School). 


    Pricing Schedule and Timeline:


    Oct. 1st=$60

    Nov. 1st =$65

    Feb. 1st=$70

    March 1st=$75


    Senior Ads (Deadline to submit is 12-17-21):

    Full Page $250 (10-15 pictures and a message for your senior)

    1/2 page $125 (7-9 pictures and a short message)

    1/4 page $70 (4-6 pictures and a very short message)

    1/8 page $40 (1-3 pictures and a one or two line message)

    For Senior Ads, we ask that as soon as you are finished paying for the ad, contact Mr. Sanchez, at and he will arrange for one of our designers to make a template for your senior ad. Please ensure that the pictures and the message are appropriate since there will be no refunds for rejected submissions.


    Remember, the Yearbook is a student production so there will be mistakes; however, there will be NO REFUNDS. We do our best to catch errors, but this work is student produced and student run. Please purchase your yearbook now, so you can get the lowest price possible.


    Senior Portraits:

    Senior Portraits are managed through Bill Smith Photography. Make sure you take at least your Yearbook sitting photo (free) with Bill Smith to ensure you are in the Senior Portrait section of the yearbook.  You can visit their website and schedule an appointment all the way up to the week of December 17th. Here's how to get in touch with Bill Smith Photography: 



    Mr. Sanchez and the Yearbook Staff

    Yearbook Advisor


    Past Edition Yearbook Information
    Yearbooks from prior years are available in assorted numbers. If no yearbooks for a given year are available, this is shown with NA listed in the Number Available column.  Listed below are the Years, Available Numbers, and Prices.

    If you will be picking up the yearbook at the school, payment must be made by cash or by a check (no checks accepted after April 15th of each school year) made out to Mesa Verde High School at the Finance Office located in the school Main Office area (Building A).

    If the yearbook must be mailed, please be sure to include mailing and contact information, including the address to which the yearbook will be shipped, a contact phone number (with area code), and if possible an eMail address. Within the United States, a fee of $20.00 must be added to the price listed to cover the cost of a secure mailing envelope and USPS Priority shipping with tracking. Once the check clears processing, the yearbook will be mailed within two days.

    For mailing outside of the United States, provide a mailing address and contact information (eMail preferred). The yearbook cost and shipping costs will be sent to the contact address to verify that these costs are acceptable, and that a check for that amount should be sent to the school. 

    Please note that not all yearbooks are in new condition. Especially with the older yearbooks, there may be some cosmetic blemishes, torn pages (repaired with tape), the occasional picture cut out, some writing in the yearbook (especially on the inside covers), and other damage.

    Contact the school library (916-971-5281), Monday to Friday (8:05-am to 3:30-pm) during the school year, with any questions. You may be directed to leave a voice-mail message, which should include a contact name and phone number (including the area code). Please be sure to speak slowly and clearly when leaving a message. An eMail can also be sent to

    Sales of these older yearbooks help support the Yearbook program at Mesa Verde HS.

    Year     Number Available      Price

    2020               26                         $75
    2019               19                         $70
    2018               19                         $60
    2017               21                         $60
    2016               20                         $60
    2015               22                         $50
    2014               25                         $50
    2013               23                         $50
    2012               28                         $50
    2011               23                         $50
    2010               25                         $50
    2009               26                         $50
    2008               22                         $50
    2007               25                         $50
    2006               24                         $50
    2005               23                         $40
    2004               21                         $40
    2003               17                         $40
    2002                 6                         $40
    2001               13                         $40
    2000                 1                         $40
    1999               10                         $40
    1998               NA                       ---
    1997                 9                         $40
    1996               17                         $40
    1995               17                         $30
    1994               17                         $30
    1993                 2                         $30
    1992               14                         $30
    1991                 4                         $30
    1990                 3                         $30
    1989                 2                         $30                 
    1988                 7                         $30
    1987               NA                       ---
    1986                 7                         $30
    1985               NA                        ---
    1984                 3                         $20                                                         
    1983                 3                         $20
    1982               NA                        ---                
    1981                 5                         $20
    1980               NA                        ---
    1979                 9                         $20
    1978                 1                         $20
    1977                10                        $20
    1976                 5                         $20
    1975                 3                         $20 
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