Resources for Parents/Guardians


    Every student at RRC has an Individual Education Plan (IEP). A meeting to update the IEP must be held annually. The IEP meeting includes parents, service providers, the case manager, administrator and any other person that the parent or student wishes to attend the meeting. If requested, the service coordinator with Alta Regional will be invited. During this meeting, the student’s progress is reviewed. Goals and objectives from the previous year are reviewed along with services. Goals and services for the next year are determined as a team. Every third year, the IEP team will complete a review (triennial) involving in-depth evaluation, including educational testing or a review of records and a health review.


    Please talk with your case manager if you want to schedule a meeting in addition to your regularly scheduled annual meeting. This meeting may include some or all of the IEP team members.


    Students who are over the age of fifteen must have an Individual Transition Plan (ITP). The purpose of the ITP is to plan activities to help students make the transition from school to community, with an emphasis on educational skills, vocational skills and recreation/community activities/independent living. The ITP will be updated concurrently with the IEP meeting.


    Students whose behavior impedes their ability to learn will have a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). The behavior plan will be reviewed yearly at the IEP meeting to determine progress on behavior to identify strategies and protocol for the individual students.


    You will be given a complete copy of the IEP for your records.



    Individual Education Plan (IEP) / Individual Transition Plan (ITP)




    Some students have additional related instructional services, such as, Speech, Adapted PE (APE), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Vision Instruction (VI), and nursing services based on need as determined by assessment. If your student does not receive a service that you believe they need, please contact your case manager and discuss your concern.


    Once caseloads have been determined, service providers will provide case managers with their schedules and this information will be relayed to do. You can ask your student’s case manager for the names and contact information of your students providers.


    We strive to provide ongoing skill development outside of the related instructional service time. For example, if your student receives speech and language services, your student’s speech language pathologist, case manager and team works together to provide ongoing skill development and reinforcement of skills training through-out the school day.



    Designated Instructional Services-Speech, APE, OT, PT and Vision



    If a student will be absent, please call (916) 971-7411. If outside of normal school hours, please leave a message. Your message should include the following:

    -       Your name and relationship to the student

    -       Student’s first and last name

    -       Student’s teacher

    -       The date and reason for the absence


    Early Dismissal, and Late Arrivals

    If a student has to leave school early, a parent needs to call the school at (916) 971-7411 with time the student needs to leave and the reason for leaving. Please go directly to the office and sign out your student. The school secretary will contact your child’s classroom teacher.


    If a student arrives to school late please go to the office with your child. It is imperative to make sure that you check in with the office so the school is aware that your student is at school.


    Attendance Notifications

    If you receive an automated phone message or email stating that your student is absent and you feel this message is an error, please contact the office at (916) 971-7411.



    Attendance/Absences/Early Dismissal/ Late Arrivals


    Bell Schedule


    Room 1- Co-Taught Wrap Class: Monday-Thursday 8:45- 3:15 and   Friday 8:45-12:05

    Room 2- Head Start Inclusion: Monday-Thursday 8-11:30 and 12-3:30

    Room 3- State Preschool AM: Monday-Friday 8-11

    Room 3- Co-Taught State PM: 11:45-2:45 Monday-Friday

    Room 6- Special Day Class: 8:45- 11:45 Monday-Friday


    Room 6- Special Day Class: 8:45-12:05 Monday-Friday

    1st-12th Grade:

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:45-2:45

    Thursday 8:45-1:30

    Minimum Days: September 19th; November 18th-22nd; April 23rd



    RRC strives to provide clear, accurate and transparent communication with families. We recognize that we have many skilled and caring staff who work with our students. All staff are encouraged to communicate with Case Manager and Administrator anytime they witness an interaction with a student that feels or seems unusual in any way. Communication with Parent will come from Case Manager or Administrator with facts of the incident and what is being done. Behavior Emergency incidents will be communicated to parents on the day the incident occurred and Behavior Emergency Report will come home with student.


    Case Managers are responsible for communicating progress and IEP specific information to Parent/Guardian. We discourage staff from using cell phones to communicate with families. We will continue using the Remind Application for communication from the classroom regarding daily updates, photos and quick messages. Instructional assistants are not responsible for providing information regarding student progress or concerns. They will direct parents to Case Manager or Principal


    Bell Schedule/ Communication


    When your child is ill:

    Children who come to school ill put our fragile students at risk for serious illness and hospitalization. If your child has the following symptoms they should not come to school until symptoms have resolved for 24 hours without medication:

    · Fever of 100⁰F higher or higher

    · Flu-like symptoms (persistent coughing, malaise, chills, fever)

    · Green nasal discharge

    · Vomiting/diarrhea

    · Rash

    Parents will be contacted if their child becomes ill during the school day. Prior to being contacted, the classroom teacher will call the school nurse and ask the nurse to come see the child.



    Students who require medications during school hours must have a doctor fill out and sign the Authorization for Medication Administration form which, with the parent/ guardian’s signature, then authorizes nurses to administer the medications. Most students receive medication by g-tube, by mouth, topically, or inhaled. This form must also be used for any over-the-counter as needed medications such as:

    · Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Pamprin, Midol, etc.

    · Diaper creams, barrier creams, or powders

    · Inhaled or nebulized medications (Albuterol, Budesonide, etc.)

    · Anti-itch creams, powders, or other lotions/ointments as needed

    Emergency seizure medications:

    · Diastat

    · Midazolam

    Emergency allergy medication

    · Epi-Pen                                                        

    · Benadryl


    Specialized Services

    Students who require specialized health procedures during school hours must have a doctor fill out and sign the Specialized Physical Health Care Services form which, with the parent/guardian’s signature, authorizes nurses to provide these services. This includes:

    · g-tube pump or bolus feedings

    · suctioning

    · urinary catheterization

    · nebulizer treatments


    When Your Child is Ill and Nursing Services


    Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    We have a PTA that works with school community to enrich the school experience for all students at RRC. Please consider joining and participating in any way possible. PTA flyers will be sent home. Dates for meetings are located on important dates page.


    President: Keri Jobe

    Vice-President: Sarah Medal

    Secretary: Colleen Dietrich


    School Site Council (SSC)

    School Site Council is made up of parents, school staff and community members. The SSC reviews the School Site Plan, School Safety Plan and approves the school budget. SSC meets at RRC on the following Mondays from 1-2pm: September 16th; October 14th; November 4th; December 2nd; January 13th; February 3rd; March 2nd; April 13th and May 11th.

    School Site Council is open to any school or community member. We would love to have your voice in the room.



    RRC is an open campus. We welcome parent volunteers to support classrooms and special events. Please consider spending some time with us.


    Room Parents

    We are seeking parents as liaisons to PTA. Please let your classroom teacher know if you are interested in being a room parent. The room parent responsibilities will include: reaching out to classroom parents for specific help with school wide activities and communication regarding events.


    CAC Liaison

    We are looking for a parent to attend the district Community Advisory Committee (CAC) monthly as an RRC representative. CAC meets the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8:30 pm at 4825 Kenneth Avenue, Carmichael. Childcare is available at Kenneth for the duration of the meeting.



    We are looking for a RRC representative to attend the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Committee (SPAC). Meetings are held four times per school year. If you are interested in attending SPAC, please speak with Dee in the office. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from Mr. Kern, Superintendent and have your voices heard as well.



    Parent Engagement and Involvement Opportunities




    Email Address

    Dionyse (Dee) Johnston


    Pam Santin

    School Secretary

    Christian (Chad) Bell


    Cheryl Domino

    Occupational Therapist

    Becky Eberly


    Charmen Goehring


    Adriana Joma

    Speech Language Pathologist

    Campbell Dukovich

    Speech Language Pathologist

    Liz Nelsen

    School Psychologist

    Kathleen Hoffman

    Adapted PE Teacher

    Andrea Tener Horton

    Adapted PE Teacher


    Adapted PE Teacher

    Kelly Babitz


    Kelly Santin-Gouldthread


    Raytese Reeves


    Amanda Morgan


    Ross Mele


    Kendall MacGregor


    Jim Parr

    Music Teacher

    Michael Jones

    Art Teacher

    Susan Sankus

    ECSE Teacher

    Amy Davis

    ECE Teacher

    Jaleh Donaldson

    ECE Teacher

    Candy Cook

    ECSE Teacher

    Chelsey Fergusson

    ECSE Teacher

    Anabelle (Belle) Manalo

    ECE Teacher

    Vanessa Clements

    ECE Teacher

    Chris Schaefer-Norris

    Speech Language Pathologist


    Contact Information



    2019 – 2020 RRC Important Dates

             August 2019                                                                                                                       January 2020

    August 15- First Day of School                                                                                       January 23-PTA meeting 8:45

    August 26- Skate Night                                                                                                     January 27- Skate Night


           September 2019                                                                                                                   February 2020

    September 19- Back to School and                                                                      February 10-14 I am.. celebration

    First PTA Meeting                                                                                           Parent Training-Person Centered Planning

                                                                                                                                                          Date to be determined



             October 2019                                                                                                                         March 2020

    October 23, Fall Festival and Walk, Rock, Roll                                                     March 26- PTA 6pm at Luna Lounge

    Fund- Raiser                                                                                                                      Dance-Date to be determined

    Parent Training -Conservatorship Process

    date to be determined


             November 2019                                                                                                                     April 2020

    November 23- PTA meeting 8:45                                                                                     April 23- Open House

    See’s Candy Fund Raiser


             December 2019                                                                                                                    May 2020

    December 6-Parent’s Night Out                                                                                         May 28- PTA 8:45

    See’s Distribution


    June 2020

    June 5th- Family Picnic with concert

    June 9-Last day of school


    2019 – 2020 School Year Important Dates and Events


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