School Philosophy

  • At Carmichael we believe that every child can learn, develop, and make a significant contribution to our program.

    We believe the school’s function is to...
    • educate the child.
    • provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.
    • teach students to be responsible and to respect others.
    • teach that for every freedom there is a responsibility.
    • teach awareness of personal hygiene and appearance.
    • encourage children to be creative and to explore their interests.
    • teach moral and ethical values.
    We believe students have the right to...
    • have their educational needs met at their ability level.
    • learn in a safe environment and be treated with respect.
    • be disciplined fairly and in accord with school rules.
    • have caring teachers who are aware of the latest educational developments.
    • be informed about their progress and to have their parents receive open, direct communication from the school.
    We believe students should...
    • be responsible for their behavior and school work.
    • respect peers, adults, and the school and state rules.
    • come to school on time, and be well-manned and clean.
    • have pride in their school.
    • be responsible for their books and other personal and school materials.
    We believe parents should...
    • actively support and reinforce school programs both disciplinary and academic.
    • oversee their children’s work at home and see that it is returned by the due date.
    • generate respect for the school staff, property, and program.
    • send their children to school clean, rested, and well-fed and with provisions for lunch.
    • plan for dealing with inappropriate behaviors.
Last Modified on June 8, 2014