• La Vista is a smaller academic setting to help support students diagnosed with Emotional Disturbance in a Least Restrictive Environment for grades 7-12. Our school has three tiers of intervention for our students:
    • Tier 1, or our Traditional Classrooms:   Students enjoy small class sizes and extra academic supports to help prepare them for success as they move to comprehensive high schools. 
    • Tier 2, or our Day Treatment Classrooms:  Students also have small class sizes and extra academic support, but they also have the benefit of a mental health therapist assigned to their classroom for group and individual counseling. 
    • Tier 3, or our Behavioral Intervention Classrooms:  Classrooms are small, very structured environments that help students re-acclimate to the classroom setting. 
    This three tier system is designed with student success in mind and with the goal of helping students access comprehensive high school campuses before graduation.  As students grow emotionally and behaviorally and become able to manage the larger class sizes and less structured setting of a comprehensive campus, they are given the opportunity to transition part-time to a comprehensive middle- or high school campus in their attendance area.  Our case managing teachers work with ED Transition teachers on the comprehensive campuses to ensure a successful transition.  As students experience successful transition part-time, they are often able to make a full-time transition to a comprehensive campus.  

    Our Mission Statement:

    La Vista Center provides a safe, therapeutic, individualized learning environment that supports students in overcoming barriers to school success and prepares them academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally to be productive citizens.
Last Modified on March 8, 2015