About our School

  • Welcome to our website. Orangevale Open K-8 is a choice public school, currently serving over 600 students in Kindergarten through grade 8 from across San Juan Unified School District. Our school is open to any student within the district.  Our program follows a standards-based curriculum while having a strong focus on authentic learning which is often hands-on. Our students go on many field trips at every grade level where they experience the content and apply the concepts. The curriculum comes to life and is that much more accessible to every learner.

    Another foundational aspect of our philosophy at OVO is parent participation. Monthly parent meetings are held and attendance is essential. Every family is encouraged to have one adult who is a volunteer at the school for 2 hours each week. We communicate effectively and often. This builds a strong community of parents and teachers who work together to establish an environment that is safe and supportive so that all students enjoy learning and have the opportunity to excel.

    At Orangevale Open we teach the whole child. Social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth are interrelated. Our program emphasizes cooperation and intrinsic motivation, respect, and responsibility. Students are encouraged to take the initiative, to be creative and to problem solve. Our lessons are often integrated across the curriculum; students are actively engaged as they learn. Their interests, skills and learning styles are manifested in a myriad of ways as they study and show what they know. We teach students to reflect on their progress and assess their growth.

    Students in grades 7 and 8 have the opportunity to flourish in a program that sets high standards for individuals to stretch themselves to perform beyond their own expectations. We offer Honors level courses, Common Core Math 7 and 8, World History, US History, Language Arts, Physical and Life Sciences, Fine Arts, P.E., and a wide variety of electives.   

    We have after and before school offerings for all grades. These classes vary, and  include Drama and band. Each year we have a fall musical as well as a spring production. At OVO, the fine, visual and performing arts are highly valued.

    Orangevale Open K-8 has a rich history of providing a quality education in a community atmosphere that surrounds students with teachers who are lifelong learners. Our staff is dedicated to teaching and learning. You are invited to tour our school to learn more about our unique program. To schedule this or to learn more, call the school.

Last Modified on February 9, 2022