Why Choose Starr King K-8 School?

  • Starr King K-8 School is a vibrant learning community committed to serving students through a comprehensive balanced literacy approach.  Comprehensive Balanced Literacy (CBL), provides research based instructional practices that develop the skills and strategies within each child that will allow them to problem solve effectively and become reflective, critical and analytical readers, writers, thinkers, and speakers.  Our K-2 teachers are highly trained in foundational and guided reading strategies, and our entire team is trained in GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition design.  The Starr King team works hard to engage all learners, provide opportunities for authentic collaboration,  and promote academic talk.  

    Students experience the components of our Comprehensive Balanced Literacy program daily, and in each and every classroom.  A visitor to our campus would witness some of the following components of our balanced literacy program:  Writing/Reading Workshop and multiple opportunities for students to discuss the given content with their peers.  At Starr King K-8 students will learn to work effectively and collaboratively with a diverse group of peers.

    Students at Starr king K-8 school will receive the level of support he/she needs to push their learning to the next level.  Our teachers understand that students learn in different ways and at varied paces.  Teachers provide the level of support needed to provide engaging standards based instruction.  As students become comfortable with a new concept/skill our teachers gradually release students towards independence.  Since each student will be prepared for independence at a different time, instruction is differentiated to fit unique needs of each and every student.  


    Students that choose to attend Starr King K-8 School will be a part of a 21st century learning community.  Students are expected to go beyond simply recalling information and memorizing facts.  Students are expected to problem solve and think critically, collaborate and lead amongst ones peers, adapt to change and take initiative for their learning, communicate effectively through both writing and speech, access and analyze information and invoke ones curiosity and imagination.  
    Starr King is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) school.  We believe in teaching desired behaviors, modeling them for students, and positively reinforcing them.  We implement restorative practices, and help develop positive, contributing citizens.  We are so very proud of our students, and our staff is truly a dedicated team, working hard to meet the needs of all learners.
Last Modified on February 26, 2020