• Arcade Middle School Parent-Teacher Organization

    Putting the TEAM in STEAM!

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    Arcade families and PTO members put their resources where their hearts are by giving of their time and monetary donations to support the educational enrichment of all Spartans!

  • Our Mission

    Arcade Fundamental Middle School Parent-Teacher Organization is an 501(c)(3) nonprofit community benefit organization dedicated to enhancing and supporting the well-rounded education of Arcade's students through the efforts of parents, teachers and the greater Arcade community.

    Arcade PTO families support all students by supporting:

    • academic-focus programs such as Honors Society and STEAM;
    • classroom growth as reading helpers, science assistants, etc.;
    • Spartan spirit and recognition activities like 8th Grade Celebration;
    • PTO committees and the board, providing structure and leadership for our school community;
    • family-school connections like information nights, newsletters and family events;
    • visual and theater arts education programs, such as the fall musical and spring play; 
    • student clubs and after-school programs like chess club and track;
    • growth-mindset activities like Career Day and TryIts;
    • field education with student fee assistance and chaperones; 
    • new technology equipment.

Arcade MS PTO Donation

  • How Arcade's Parent-Teacher Organization works:

    All family members of an enrolled Arcade student are automatically members of the Arcade PTO. 

    Arcade families are expected to volunteer a minimum of six (6) hours every school year for each child enrolled at Arcade and to make a donation (any amount).

    Volunteerism:  We encourage volunteerism from all family members in our school along the lines of their interests and talents.  Dad likes to build? After-school theater program needs sets!  Grandma is a classic movie buff?  Start a film appreciation after-school program!  Just have evenings free? Chaperone a dance!

    Fundraising:  The Arcade PTO strives to fundraise in ways that are effective and simple by seeking a modest family financial contribution in the Spring, and keeping fundraising events during the year to a minimum, including using passive donation programs (e-scrip, Amazon, etc.)  Anyone who is a supporter of Arcade Middle School can become a donor-member by making a financial contribution to the PTO - this includes alumni, family members of past students or Arcade community members.

  • We know that by continuing to achieve Arcade PTO's mission, Arcade students will benefit from a learning environment that prepares our students for high school and beyond, as they pursue their goals as well-rounded citizens of the world.

    PTO v PTA - What's the difference? While modeled after the traditional PTA movement, our organization is not affiliated with the California State PTA or its national parent organization. It is instead, an independent advocate for Arcade students, families, staff and our Arcade community.

Last Modified on August 16, 2019