Please remember to call in your child’s absence as soon as possible (979-8333).  After 10 days any un-cleared absences become unexcused absences. 

    Illnesses-The district allows 10 excused sick days without verification of illness from a medical professional or school employee.  A letter will be mailed after 5 days reminding parents of the ten-day rule.  At ten days, a second letter requiring verification of illness (doctor’s note) will be mailed. Without verification, absences after 10 days will be considered unexcused.  (If your child is under medical care, it is best to provide the verification of illness before it is required.) 

    Short Term Independent Studies-If a child will be out of school for five or more days for an unexcused absence, parents need to contact the office to inquire about an independent study contract at least two weeks (10 school days) in advance of the absence.   Requests originate from the office with the principal, not the teacher.  
    Tardies-It is important that students arrive at school on time.  It is difficult for a child to come into the classroom late.  They miss important instruction, and it also draws unwanted attention to them when they come into the classroom after the other students.  If a student is more than 30 minutes late, the tardy is an unexcused absence.

     Please carefully review the driveway procedures in your Green Oaks Handbook 2022-23 

    Be sure and share these procedures with anyone who will be picking up or dropping off your child. The two most important issues are:

    • The red curb lane closest to the school is for drop-off/pick-up only! Drivers may not park and leave their cars. Unattended vehicles are regularly ticketed by the Highway Patrol.
    • The driveway is a 5 MILE PER HOUR speed zone. Driving at a faster rate of speed endangers ALL of our students.

    This year we have two new required forms for driver approved field trips. Requirements include updated and renewed photocopy‘s of your Driver’s License and Proof of Insurance.  Please come to the office to make sure we have copies of your license and insurance before you drive on a field trip. Forms must be on file 5 days prior to the first field trip.  You cannot drive on a field trip without this form being on file with our office, as well as fingerprint clearance.

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