Reading Rocks at Green Oaks


    The 2021-2022 Reading Rocks program begins on September 1st. Please start recording minutes on Sept. 1st, we will continue recording through the end of April 2022.

     There will be 6 levels in the program: 

    • Level 1 = 10 hours  
    • Level 2 = 30 hours
    • Level 3 = 60 hours 
    • Level 4 = 120 hours 
    • Level 5 = 180 hours
    • Level 6 = 240 hours 


    I will continue to offer the "books on hold" program this 2021-2022 school year. Go Green Oaks Library Website and put up to three books on hold. During our year of COVID, when I first offered this option, I noticed that many families were very deliberate and thoughtful about their book choices. I want you to still have that option. If books are put on hold, the student will need to pick them up during library time unless prior arrangements are made. Considering the amount of screen time required these days, the feel of a real book in your hands just can’t be beat! By popular demand, there are many new graphic novels in the collection. Just search “graphic novels” on-line to see what is available.

    How to put books on hold

    Curbside FAQs

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Last Modified on September 14, 2021