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    Philosophy:  I believe that all people can learn, they just have to find what motivates them!  I strive to find ways to spark each student's interest in living a healthy lifestyle and support their personal journey to becoming the best person that "THEY" choose to become. 
    This page is designed so all students can find resources that demonstrate all of the major ideas outlined by the California State
    Physical Education Content Standards for High School Course 2 and High School Course 3F Weight Training & Fitness.  Please use the information to drive your personal research and assist you in the passing of my independence focused physical education classes.
    PE 1 & PE 2 Culminating Projects: All students will be given a chance to show how "THEY" have learned the content standards.
    Final #1: will require each student to design, implement and analyze the effectiveness of their very own personal health (can work with peers on this), fitness and wellness program. This project will include ,1- appropriate personal health and fitness goals,  2- a calendar showing the daily health and fitness plan that helps the student to achieve their specific personal goals, 3-a detailed personal journal to document each day's activities etc.and 4- a demonstration (video/in-class movements) of the activities shown in the calendar. You will be asked to follow the  CDC Guidelines for Physical Activity for Americans to create, perform and evaluate the effectiveness of your personal fitness plan. This plan should include exercises that train muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, and flexibility. The class will be shown how to perform specific types of movements correctly the entire semester and will be expected to know what it takes to perform the movements that they place in their fitness plan. Videos will be used as evidence of the training session as well as a resource that can be used for movement analysis. This also allows for absent students to do personal makeup assignments outside of class time. We will consistently utilize technology in PE class, so this is not going to be something that is new for you. 
    Final# 2 (2nd Semester): Create your own Game: Students will be asked to work in small groups to create and teach their own PE game. The game must include rules that are easy to follow, e.g. how to score points, how to win the game, how much a score is worth, how long the game is played, how many people per team (most games will be taught to groups of 10-12). Each group will be expected to come up with ways to modify their games so students of all skill and ability levels can play successfully (not just the super athletic), how to keep all players actively involved, how active is the game? This is a great way for students to learn how to speak in front of a group of peers and how to explain something that they understand but others may not. Great for problem-solving and learning how to take and give constructive criticism. 
    Dance Final (1st Semester) PE 1: See Google drive to understand the expectations
    Swim Final: 1. Exam covering water safety 2. Swimming Skills - Ability to swim 3 different swim strokes - Ability to dive down and come back to the surface.
    2021 Comprehensive Final (2nd Semester): We will take a comprehensive final that covers the important information discussed throughout the school year. Each student will have a studyguide to assist them with preparing for the final exam. We will consistently utilize the information in a real world application to ensure that all students not only hear the information, but also get an opportunity to use the information in a real world application. I look forward to seeing just how much the students are able to showcase the retention of the information covered in this class.
    1. Holistic: characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
      Holistic Medicine: characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

    Standard-1 “DO/KNOW”


    Standard–2 “DO/KNOW”

    Standard-3 “DO/KNOW”



    Body Movement

    Effects of Activity


    Dynamic Health


    Social Interaction

    Group Dynamics

    1. Motor Skills - running, shooting, jumping (Do)

    2. Movement Patterns (Know) eg analyze correct squat technique

    3. Strategies - Program Plan Design = what do you want to participate in? basketball, aerobic walking, weight training, yoga or meditation   (Know)

    1.  Muscular Strength/Endurance (Do) - Push-ups, squats, inverted rows, walking/running/biking/hiking

    2.  Aerobic/Anaerobic Fitness Days (Do) Run, walk, playing football,  HIIT, Yoga, calisthenics workouts

    3. Journal = describe in own words how the plan is progressing, how you feel, re-assess goals based on  fit test results (Know)

    1. Do I have a fitness plan and am I following it, if I miss, how long before I restart the plan?  (Do)

    2. We are all built differently, how do I respect others and value that they are different?

    3.  Group Dynamics - how to work with others (Know)


    California PE State Standards

    -California PE state framework 

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