Ms Thacker, My Teacher Hat...

  • I have taught middle school for over thirty years.   My passion is special education, because I was a struggling reader. I understand the challenges of growing up learning disabled.  My job as a Resource Teacher is to: address student goals, advocate for students with general education teachers, and to make sure that IEPs are followed.

    This year we will be using the Language Live curriculum in Directed Studies.  After piloting the materials last year, I was very impressed with the online and live teaching components. It is research based, systematic and involves direct instruction. The students will be able to work independently and in small groups.  During Directed Studies we will also help with general education support (English, Science, History and Math) and organization.  We will also be focussing on Executive Functioning..this is looking at how students approach school work.

    Lastly, as we continue to teach virtually, I have decided that Mr. Rogers is my role model. He was the first virtual teacher.  He handled tough topics and made sure that kids felt safe.  My goal is stay calm, positive and create a safe place for learning.


  • When completing a Google Doc students can use some tools to help them with reading and writing.  Under Edit they can select speech and have the page read aloud.  Under edit is a dication choice that will write for the student.

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  • This week students in Directed Studies will take the placement test for Language Live.  Please do not help your child on this reading assessment so that they placed in the correct level.

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Project Based Learning (STEAM)

Last Modified on August 27, 2020