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    The goal of the Common Core State Standards is to instill the 21st century, higher-thinking skills that prepare all students for college and their careers - as well as to succeed in a global economy and society.
    Here are some ways the Common Core State Standards will challenge students:
    • Thinking and writing: Students will need to show the evidence and reasoning that supports their thinking - not just memorize and repeat facts. They’ll have to demonstrate this through clear, convincing writing.
    • Not just worksheets: Because students will be expected to demonstrate deep reasoning, homework assignments might be thinner but could take longer, as they require more analytical thinking and writing.
    • Fact AND fiction: Students will be reading a much greater proportion of nonfiction writing to supplement their work with fiction as they practice analyzing evidence to formulate arguments.
    • Teamwork is key: Collaboration is vital for success; no one works in isolation anymore. Students must learn how to express ideas, listen to each others’ thoughts and integrate and evaluate information.
    • Tests will challenge all students: Computer-adaptive testing adjusts the difficulty of tests depending on which questions students answer correctly, getting progressively harder. This personalizes learning and pushes all to grow academically.
    • Some struggle is good: Common Core State Standards measure academic growth in all students, regardless of their starting points. That means all students will be challenged to stretch their learning. 
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Last Modified on December 17, 2014