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    The Rapid Learner students of Mrs. Darrow's fifth grade won big at the SEVA Awards!
    DPM students at SEVA Awards
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    Rapid Learner Visitations

    Are you interested in Del Paso Manor's Rapid Learner Program for your gifted student? We will offer visitations throughout the school year so that you will have the opportunity to visit the school and see the program in action. Visitations begin with an informative orientation about the school and about the RL Program. Rapid Learner parents will then lead you on a tour of the school and the classrooms where you will be able to meet the instructors and observe the students taking part in their learning experience.

     We will likely have one more visitation in the spring. 

    If you would like to see the Del Paso Manor Rapid Learner Program, please call the school at 575-2330.

    All RL program at Mondavi Center photo
    The entire Rapid Learner Program at the Mondavi Center
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    The Innovators win the Sacramento Region Science Olympiad!

    On Saturday, March 17, eighteen Del Paso Manor Mustangs competed in the Sacramento Regional Science Olympiad. Parents have been coaching nineteen teams of students for the past two months to prepare for the event. The competition consisted of nineteen events, and the Del Paso Manor Mustangs, ranging from third to sixth grade, medaled in twelve of those events. The Mustangs earned:
     Five first place finishes
      One second place finish
    One third place finish
     Four fourth place finishes

    Five fifth place finishes
    Those strong finishes allowed Del Paso Manor to win the overall competition and the students were awarded first place medals, a first place plaque and the champions trophy. The camaraderie between the parents, teachers, and students was inspiring all through the day, and when the winners were announced, all the Mustangs in attendance cheered for their teammates.
    Special thanks goes out to all the coaches who volunteered numerous hours to prepare the students for a successful competition. Thank you to Andrew Holz for his organization and coordination of all the logistical components of the event. Teachers Mrs. Darrow and Mr. La Marr were the staff sponsors and also coached the Science Bowl team. If there was ever an example of a team victory, this was it!


    This is the second consecutive win for the Del Paso Manor Mustangs.

     science olympiad champs
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Meet the Del Paso Manor Rapid Learner Teachers

Del Paso Manor Elementary Rapid Learner Program from Darrow @ DPM on Vimeo.

Watch the Rapid Learner Program video created by the San Juan Unified School District

Rapid Learner Program from San Juan Unified on Vimeo.

Last Modified on January 27, 2019