English Department

  • Guided by the California State Standards in Language Arts, both 7th and 8th grade students at Barrett Middle School will be provided opportunities to explore literature. Our goal is to increase student achievement in reading comprehension, grammar, writing, listening, thinking and public speaking through direct instruction and meaningful activities. We want students to be excited and enthusiastic about learning!

Department Contacts

  • Rebecca Culver

    7th Grade English/Social Studies, Honors

    Lindsay Tateishi

    8th Grade English/Social Studies

    Zivanah Lopez

    6th/7th/8th Grade English Language Learners

    Colleen Honegger

    8th Grade English/Social Studies, Honors, 8th AVID

    Angela Koerner 

    7th Grade English/Social Studies, Honors

    Katy Sjoberg

    8th Grade English

    Erin O'Brien

    6th Grade English/Social Studies

    David Thompson

    7th/8th Grade Social Studies

     Terri Swartz

    6th Grade English/Social Studies
Last Modified on August 15, 2017