Math Department

  • The Barrett Middle School Mathematics Department offers a complete mathematics program designed to meet the needs of our diverse student population. Our goal is for all students to obtain and retain the cumulative knowledge necessary to succeed in the next level math class. Placement into an appropriate level math class is made with a student’s best interest in mind to ensure that he/she can succeed in mathematics as well as be challenged.
    Please refer to the following website for the Barrett math resources online:
    We recommend that students login through the San Juan Portal at with the Go Math icon found in the Middle School folder.  Username and passwords are the district credentials that each individual student has been given.

    Ways for Parents to Help at Home Even if Math isn’t “Your Thing”

    • Attend Back-to-School night to meet the teachers and find out what the expectations are for each of your child’s classes. This is probably one of the most important things you can do this year.

    • Read your newsletters and review the progress reports to find out what is happening in math class.

    • Help your child get and stay organized. He/she now has 5 or 6 different teachers with different requirements and expectations.

    • Check your child’s planner regularly to make sure they are logging in all assignments and completing them on time.

    • Encourage students to use their notes and textbook to look for similar type problems if they are stuck.

    • Please do not try to teach your child a “short cut” for a procedure we are teaching in class. Many times the short cut only works for that particular lesson, so when we move on to the next lesson, students are even more confused.

    • Provide a regular time and place for your child to study, review assignments, do homework, and practice basic math facts. Children usually do well if they have a routine.

    • Organize & pack school backpacks, coats, etc. and place them in the same place each night before going to bed. This helps avoid misplaced assignments and papers in the morning rush out the door.

    • Have your child eat breakfast everyday and bring a healthy lunch to school.

    • Ensure that your child is getting plenty of sleep. 

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Last Modified on October 22, 2019