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    Welcome to the Barrett Library!

    Students may check-in/check-out books and use our computers before school, during lunch, and after school.

    Our library has a weekly schedule for lunchtime activities that can be found on the board outside the library door or on our calendar below.

    The library has a wishlist on Amazon. Have a look at the books and items we'd love to have to offer for student use. Please click here and Thank You!


    Things to know about the library

    • Students can check out up to 3 books at a time for 2 weeks.
    • In addition to books, we have puzzles, coloring pages, activities, and more!
    • If you notice we don't have something in the library that would be amazing? Please let Mrs. Hauger know!



    Scholastic Bookfair - February 13-17, 2023.
    See the catalog and start your wishlist now! Click Here


     I look forward to your next visit!
    -Mrs. Hauger



Library Contact

  • Welcome

    Sondra Ames-Hauger

    Middle School Library & Media Tech


    Library Hours

    M-W & F
    7:40 - 3:00pm

    7:40 - 2:00pm

    Weekly Lunch Schedule
    M: Quiet as a mouse Monday
    T: Storytime with Mrs. Hauger
    W: Word game Wednesdays
    TH: Tiptoe Thursday
    F: Fun Activity Friday


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Last Modified on December 13, 2022