• Dear Barrett Families

    As the Principal, it is my mission to create a positive environment that encourages and fosters diversity while supporting success for everyone – students, teachers, staff, and parents. My goal is to ensure that every student is provided the highest quality of education in a safe and supportive learning environment.  I’m a firm believer that communication amongst teachers, staff, and parents, is essential to helping each student achieve his/her very best. We are a collaborative educational team ensuring that every student is valued and worthy of our best effort to make this happen.

    Barrett is excited to welcome our new Vice Principal, Tim Murphy.  Mr. Murphy has been in administration for more than 10 years.  During his tenure he has worked at Howe Ave as a Principal, Sylvan and Carnegie as a Vice Principal and Pasteur as an Interim Principal.  Mr. Murphy has a variety of experience in administration and Barrett is extremely lucky to have him.

    Lastly, at Barrett, we believe in having positive relationships with both students and their families, and know that the teacher-student relationship is extremely important for student's academic success. We model for our students how to take on leadership roles, advocate for themselves and build positive relationships with adults and fellow student. 

    If you have any questions please contact me anytime.

    Amy Alexander-Carter

Last Modified on February 3, 2020