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    Welcome to Honors English and English / History Core!

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    A strong foundation of reading and writing is essential for today’s citizens. By pairing this foundation with college and career readiness skills, students will be prepared to succeed in our ever changing world. 

    Classroom Expectations

    P - Pride: 

                         I will be silent and seated the bell. 

                         I will walk at all times. 

    O - Ownership: 

                         I will bring school supplies and materials to class.

                         I will return class materials neatly. 

    W - Wisdom: 

                         I will follow instructions the first time given.

                         I will stay on task and on-topic. 

    E - Excellence: 

                         I will silently listen while the teacher is talking.

                         I will be an active participant in partner and class discussions.                   

    R - Respect: 

                         I will get permission to talk and to get out of my seat.

                         I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself. 

    Forms of rewards for following expectations include: outstanding citizenship, honor roll, praise, positive call/email home, smiles, pride, and success. 

    The following consequences will result in choosing not to comply with the given expectations: 1st  Verbal warning, 2nd  5 minutes Behavior Training on Friday, 

    3rd – Removal from class and parent phone call.


    All academic assignments will be graded in alignment with the CA 8th grade Common Core State Standards.  Assignments are worth 8 points. 

    8 points – Advanced (100%)

    7 points– Proficient (87%)

    6 points – Approaching (75%)

    5 points – Below (62%)

    Late work will be accepted with a penalty of a lower grade. Work missed due to an approved absence must be made up within a period of time equal to the time absent. 


    Quarterly citizenship grades are O (Outstanding), S (satisfactory), NI (Needs Improvement).  Students will receive 8 points per week.  Points will be deducted for not following classroom expectations.  At the end of each quarter, the grades will be determined as follows: 90% = Outstanding, 70-89% = Satisfactory, 69% and below = Needs Improvement.

    Quarterly Effort grades are 4 (Consistently shows effort), 3 (Usually shows effort), 2 (Sometimes shows effort), 1 (Rarely shows effort). 


    Reading Work:

    Independent reading will be the foundation of this component.  Students will read from a variety of genres, including: realistic fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.  Knowledge will be demonstrated through quarterly assignments, such as book reviews, book talks, and strategy analysis.  In addition, informational text will be used throughout the year to enrich the focus of each unit.  Students will show their understanding of the text through close reading, class discussions, and debates.  

    Writing Work

    Exploration of the elements of different styles of writing and author’s craft will drive writing instruction.  Students will examine a variety of genres, including: argumentative, informational and narrative.  They will be taken through the writing process to demonstrate their understanding of each unit of study.  In addition, students will write routinely over extended time frames and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences. 



    Nightly reading to fulfill current unit of study (novels, articles, online websites) - 120 minutes per week is required.

    Completion of class assignments (if not finished during the school day)

    Class Supplies (recommended to be provided by student)

     ear phones

     pencils/pens (student preference)

     Suggested Class Donations:

     Learning Notebook Supplies: colored pencils/markers, glue sticks, scissors

     construction paper


     Antibacterial wipes 

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