Homework Links
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    Mr. Mitchell's Youtube Page
    Mr. Mitchell's Youtube Page
    Spelling City
    This is a great spelling tool allowing students to use their own words. These activities allow spellers at all levels to use classroom spelling lists and/or self-generated lists to improve spelling skills. Click on "Find A List", then type "Robert Mitchell", next press search to locate our Houghton Mifflin Lists.
    Edhelper: homework help
    This is a commercial site for homework help.
    Science Made Simple
    Commercial site that offers science projects, articles, and related information.
    Scholastic Homework Hub
    A neat tool that offers organizers, practice pages, research and writing tools.
    Math Links
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    Houghton Mifflin Math Home Access
    This is our math textbook website. There are many tools, games, and activities that enhance your student's math program. Lots of reinforcement and practice to better link school and home. A terrific tool to assist parents while helping their child grasp math concepts!
    CA 4th Grade Math Standards
    This is a direct link to the California math standards.
    Math Dictionary for Kids
    This site gives simple and clear definitions for many elementary level math vocabulary terms. The examples also help with student understanding.
    Excel Math: Publisher
    A daily program that builds student math skills by 'spiraling' math standards daily.
    This is a great place to download practice worksheets. Offers a wide variety across math standards.
    Math Worksheets
    Lots of worksheets available to reinforce all math strands.
    Reading/Lang. Arts Links
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    Houghton Mifflin Education Place
    Eduplace for the Houghton Mifflin Curriculum. This covers the six themes for 4th grade.
    CA 4th Grade Reading Standards
    Specific site to check California state standards in reading and language arts.
    Social Studies Links
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    Digital Path Log-In
    This site allows students many tools that we use in the classroom. These include complete text read in English/Spanish, videos, vocabulary, skill activities, and online assessment.
    CA 4th Grade Social Studies Standards
    This is a direct link to the California social studies standards.
    California History Online
    This website is very graphical, informative, and presented in a timeline format.
    California Historical Society  
    CA Mission Links
    Donald Laird's website for historical landmarks.
    3 Branches of Government for Kids
    This site helps students become familiar with our system of government.
    Science Links
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    CA 4th Grade Science Standards
    This is a direct link to the California science standards.
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    Mark Kistler's Art
    Mark is a dynamic art teacher and has wonderful step-by-step drawing lessons with extension art vocabulary. Truly a wonderful website!
    Reference Links
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    My Skills Tutor Log In
    This area provides a individualized program for each student at the level he/she is presently at. This is a self-paced program to assist students to achieve the standards set by the state of California. This will also be an area to check often since some homework will be assigned from here with specific deadline dates.
    CA Department of Education
    This is a link to learn about 4th grade standards for the state of California.
    Enchanted Learning
    Very creative commercial website that offers many free activities but also offers an upgraded version for an annual fee. Lots of great stuff across the curriculum.
    Kid Zone
    Commercial site with many worksheets and activities to enhance student learning.
    Web Quest
    Web Quest Excursions on the internet.
    Search Engines
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