Special Education Services

  • Students receiving special education services at Barrett are valued participants in the school’s academic, athletic, and extra-curricular programs. Below you will find a description of the instructional delivery strategies which represent the different ways in which students are served in classroom settings.

    The contact information for each special education teacher is located within the subject areas (departments) of the classes being taught or within the staff directory:

    For the departments webpage click here For the staff directory webpage click here

    Direct Instruction 

    Instruction in core subject areas focus on the unique educational needs of each student. Teachers utilize research-based support strategies that engage students in standards-based grade level curriculum. Instruction is delivered in a variety of settings including general education classes and small group arrangements.

    Students who need additional assistance may enroll in Directed Studies, a class designed to deliver personalized academic support. Students receive assistance with study skills and homework completion, while learning organization and test taking strategies.

    Regular Education Classroom Support 

    Special education staff work within the general education classroom to provide instructional assistance and support to all students. Special and general education teachers collaborate on a regular basis to discuss student progress toward goals. Adjustments to curriculum design and instructional delivery are made as needed, keeping in mind the diversity of learning styles found in today’s classroom setting.

    Sign Language Interpreters are provided to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.


    Students in the Resource Specialist Program are supported through progress monitoring by the Resource Specialist. When concerns arise, the resource specialist consults with parents, teachers and students to solve issues impeding academic achievement. Report card/progress report checks are used to help monitor student progress toward academic achievement and independence.

Department Contacts

  • Ryan Allaman

    SDC Autism Teacher

    Jason Collette

    RSP Teacher

    Amy Conti

    SDC/LH Teacher

    Kelli Davis

    Adaptive PE Teacher

    Evelyn Sherman

    SDC Autism Teacher

    Sarah Kasavan Selver

    Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher


    Pat Luevano

    RSP Teacher
Last Modified on October 22, 2019