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    The Social Science Department here at Sylvan Middle strives to find new and creative ways to be a part of the STEAM experience whenever possible.  Of course we still cover traditional topics such as world cultures and American history.  An example of how the Social Science teachers connect to our STEAM theme would be during last year's solar eclipse.  While students in Science were studying the astrophysics behind planetary motion that leads to an eclipse, history classes were studying how different civilizations throughout time have interpreted eclipse events.  We hope you enjoy Social Science at Sylvan MS.  If you have any questions email one of our staff members.



    Mr.Gamba, 8th grade  

    Mr.Anderson, 8th grade

    Mrs.Taylor, 7th grade

    Mr.Wehrenberg, 7th grade

    Mrs.Vecino-Perez, 6th grade   

    Mrs. Rillera, 6th grade  

    Mr.Northcutt, 6th grade



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