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    The San Juan Foster Youth Services program is one of the four original "Core District" foster youth programs in California, having been started in 1973. The program provides services to students in foster care, including advocacy, academic counseling, tutoring, educational assessment, mentoring and links to community services. In addition, we provide crisis counseling, vocational training, emancipation services and training for independent living. The goal of Foster Youth Services is to ensure that each foster youth is provided with the skills needed to become an independent, productive member of our community.


    Mailing Address:

    4425 Laurelwood Way - Room 3
    Sacramento, CA 95864
    Main Office:
    Kristin Elser
    Clerical Support
    (916) 971-7391

    Program Manager

    Student Support Services

    (916) 971-7391
    Foster Youth Staff:

    Kara McGuire
    School Counselor - Foster Youth
    (916) 979-8117

    Christopher Shirey

    School Counselor - Foster Youth

    (916) 979-8114

    School Social Worker - Foster Youth
    (916) 979-8111
    Teacher - Foster Youth 
    (916) 979-8115
    Teacher - Foster Youth
    (916) 979-8116

    School Community Workers - Foster Youth

    (916) 971-5196
    (916) 971-5844
    (916) 971-5226
    Youth Employment Tech - ILP
    (916) 979-8113



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