• Welcome to Ms. Barnes's Math Class.




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    Dear Students, Parents, & Guardians,


    Welcome to Math Foundations.  My name is Ms. Barnes and I will be your Math Foundations teacher.  I am so excited to teach this class!  This is a smaller elective math class that is designed for students that just need an extra boost to reach grade level. The class supports students in their current math class and also provides students with the opportunity to work on prior math skills necessary to fill in any gaps in their knowledge. My goal is for every student to test at grade level or even beyond by the end of the course.  I have participated in a lot of trainings and have a lot of great ideas to make math fun and achievable for everyone.  You will be working with a partner or in a group often so you will get to know your classmates well.  I hope to create a classroom environment where you feel comfortable to take positive academic risks and challenge yourself.  I hope you look forward to class everyday and that by the end of the course you are proud of the work you have done, and happy with the friends you have made.


    Ms. Barnes