• Math  
    Welcome to Mrs. Broadwater's Math Class.


    Dear Students, Parents, & Guardians

           This letter is to inform you of the wonderful adventure that your child will be engaged in during this exciting school year.  As with any adventure, we always need to be prepared. 

    • A Math Section in your 3 ring binder to hold the map to our adventure
    • Graph paper- to graph and solve our problems along the way
    • Many pencils to document our adventure
    • Erasers (just incase we get lost)
    • A colored pen to vary it up a bit
    • A scientific calculator
    • To view the class syllabus, please click "My Teacher Site" on the left of this page
    • For online help, please click on  "On-Line Resource Links" to the left of this page

     Contact Information:



    Arden’s Phone Number:                  971-7306

    Mrs. Broadwater’s e-mail:              tbroadwater@sanjuan.edu                  

    Mrs. Broadwater’s website:           Arden website teacher pages

    Mrs. Broadwater's grade check:     https://sis.sanjuan.edu/parentconnect/



     Grading the Adventurer:


    Academic Grade

    70% of the overall grade is based on "Assessments."  This includes tests and quizzes.

    30% of the overall grade is based on "Performance Tasks."  This includes problems solved individually as well as in groups.

                                    100% ~ 90%         A

                                     89% ~ 80%          B

                                     79% ~ 70%          C

                                     69% ~ 60%          D

                                     59% ~  0%           F      

    Effort Grade

    100% of the grade is based on participation, preparation, homework, class-work, etc...all that leads us to being "test ready".


    I look forward to meeting you at Back to School Night.

    Thank you

Last Modified on June 12, 2017