Welcome to Mrs. Broadwater's
                    Math Class.





    Dear Parents & Guardians;

              Welcome to the 22/23 school year.  My name is Teri Broadwater and I will be your student's math teacher this year.  I have been at Arden Middle School for 24 years and I still think Arden Rocks!  In order to streamline information, your student's math assignments will be posted weekly in Google Classroom.  A notification will be sent to parents so that they can see their student's assignments on a weekly basis.  I understand that notifications from 6 teachers can get to be a bit too much, so please feel free to decline these messages.  However, you can have your child log into Google Classroom and show you their assignments.  Google Classroom is the go-to place for students.  They will find their weekly assignments.  My website is the go to place for parents and guardians.  This letter, along with a FAQ page, student's zoom link for tutoring and other online resources are on my website.  I am looking forward to an exciting and productive school year.  

              I would appreciate any questions you may have being sent to me through email at tbroadwater@sanjuan.edu


    Tutoring Opportunities:

    • Zoom by appointment.  Zoom ID:  884 940 2123     PC:  tutor  
    • Lunch every day. 

    Supply list:

      • Paper - graph and binder 
      • Pencils 
      • Erasers 
      • A scientific calculator




    70% of th academic grade is based on "Individual Assessments."  This includes tests and quizzes.

    20% of the acadmic grade is from "Problem Solving Assessments."  In these activities students must make sense of problems and perservere in solving them.

    10% of the academic grade is based on "IXL Practice.

                                                                               100% ~ 90%     A

                                                                                 89% ~ 80%     B             

                                                                                 79% ~ 70%     C

                                                                                 69% ~ 50%     D  *not meeting standards

                                                                                 49% ~   0%     F  *not meeting standards



    100% of the effort grade is based on participation, preparation, cooperation, homework, class-work, etc…all that leads us to being “test ready.”    


    Notes & Information:
    • The best way to get in touch with me is through email.  If you would like to talk or set up an appointment, please email me a phone number and a few convenient times.
    • Google Classroom is the best way to find current assignments.
    • The Parent Portal is the best way to check current grades and missing assignments.             


     Contact Information:

     Arden’s Phone Number:                            971-7306

     Mrs. Broadwater’s e-mail:                        tbroadwater@sanjuan.edu              

     Mrs. Broadwater's grade check:              https://sis.sanjuan.edu/parentconnect/                


    I hope that this will be an exciting and productive year for all of us.  If you have trouble keeping up, remember,
    I am here to help.

    Teri Broadwater

    Arden Middle School