Fractal Design made by seeding the computer with a formula

Math Rm 14 Ms. Medeiros

  • Hello,



    Welcome to the 2nd quarter of the year.  You made it through the 1st quarter and I hope you are ready for round 2!  Just as a reminder, your grades have been turned in and we are working towards a whole new grading period.  Make it a great start and keep it going. 

    The class will continue with a weekly warm up and quizzes will be given most every Friday.  Hang on to your spiral notebook because there will be more notes.  Remember, you need to use an orange tag to leave class.  You will have 3 for the quarter.

    I will be available for extra help Wednesdays at lunch and after school.  

    Have a great day and be mindful to all that you do...


    Ms. Medeiros



Last Modified on October 14, 2019