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    Given the demands of the curriculum pace at this level, students are navigating student constructed learning, original writing, and critical thinking at increasingly abstract levels. The curriculum pace is quicker than in grades past and students are being trained to become more self-reliant in managing their classwork and homework. 

    Your student's academic success will be supported by me in the following  ways:  by providing ample modeling and time; oversight that materials are available and collected; and routines-like-clockwork will strengthen the practices of self-sufficiency and independence. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a strong organizational skill set that will prepare them for the academic rigor for the remainder of their educational path and beyond.

    Critical Literacy/Reading Comprehension

    Critical literacy is a huge paradigm shift in the field of education that is taking place across the nation.  Our district took its first steps toward implementing the national Common Core Standards program five years ago. This program is a comprehensive upgrade to how we teach students: through rigorous, critically analytical, cooperative, project-based practices.  Some of the highlights will be in-depth studies of class novels in addition to historical fiction, poetry, and plays. 
    Students need to ever develop stamina and fluency through a regular 'workout' of independent reading.  Novels should be the 'diet' as they carry plots that develop and sustain complex ideas or other higher-thinking synthesis for analysis purposes.  Students are required to maintain an independent reading program at home through the nightly reading log.  Students will be given a personal reading goal that will be adjusted monthly as he/she increases their reading fluency and take on increasingly challenging novels.  My philosophy bears witness to: You don't improve what you don't practice.

    Writing Curriculum
    Writing will be a central focus of all the units we will be covering this year from learning to respond to literature analytically; to writing expository-based essays from articles; and poetry-based writing that will enhance and deepen the purpose and appreciation for poetic devices in literature.  (Go to parent portal for the writing homework routines.)

    Lockers are accessible at the following times: 
         5 minutes before and after school
         5 minutes before and after lunch
    Retrieving needed materials during other times is NOT ALLOWED as it disrupts instruction in the student's home room. This organizational piece will be a learning curve to some students.  Help your student devise a strategy to be prepared for class.  We will review strategies in class as well.

    When your student is absent, he/she will be responsible to collect the absent work for that day.  I keep an "extra copies" box out for this purpose.  Homework assignments are written on the board and left up on a weekly basis.  I have a return basket for absent work.  Make ups follow the district's policy:  the new 'due date' equals the number of days they were absent (example:  missed 3 days of school equals 3 days to submit.)
    There is no make up allowed for absences due to suspension or truancy.
    Late assignments are credited within a 1 week from original due date.

    Writing assignments follow the MAP testing and SAT rubrics of the 1 to 4 scale: 
         4= Above grade level
         3 = At grade level
         2 = Approaching
         1 = Below grade level
    Letter grading is as follows: 
          (NOTE:  Homeroom and Theater class are an 'A' ,  'Pass', or 'Fail' system)
         98.50 to 100%   =  A+
          90.00 to 98.49% = A 
          88.51 to 89.99% = A- 
          84.51 to 88.50% = B+ 
          80.00 to 84.50% = B
         78.51 to 79.99% = B-
          74.51 to 78.50%  = C+
          70.00 to 74.50% = C 
          68.51 to 68.50% =  C- 
          67.51 to 68.50% =  D+
         60.00 to 67.50% = D
          58.00 to 59.99% = D-
         0%     to 57.99%=  F

    Extra Credit Policy:
    Only one assignment per quarter will be offered to students who have completed all regularly assigned work.   Students who do not complete regularly assigned work do not qualify to participate in  "extra" work/credit.  Qualification for 'extra credit' starts over every quarter.

    See the rubric attached

    It's important that your student comes to school prepared for all classes.   Please see the attached list for ways you can support your child.

    How to contact Mrs. Getchell
    The most immediate and confidential way to reach me is by contacting me at my email address:  dgetchell@sanjuan.edu.  This way you won't have to necessarily wait for me to have a break when students are not around to overhear our conversation.  The school office can take a phone message but will not put a phone call through to any room.  Here is the link to Schoology to find and download assignments and review curriculum units we're currently working on  https://portal.sanjuan.edu/LoginPolicy.jsp
    I am looking forward to working with you and your student this school year.  I am here to support your child academically and emotionally.  Please feel free to let me know if there's anything I can do to further support you and your child.
                                                                 Mrs. Getchell  :)

    Thank you for viewing my website.  I hope you found it helpful.
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