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     U.S. History- Welcome to 8th grade US History and 7th grade World History. This year we will be traveling in time from the creation of the United States through the Civil War. We will meet the founding fathers, witness the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, watch as our 3-branch system of government is formed, and experience what Americans experienced during the most difficult times of our country's existence.

    World History will travel around the globe, from ancient Rome, to Medieval Europe, to the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and to the America's. Our journey will take us from ancient times to the Renaissance.

     Students will be responsible for completing all assignments on time, bringing all materials to class, and participating in all activities. I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead. 

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    US History Chapter 10-The Bill of Rights Explore the power of the first ten amendments to the Constitution. Learn how they are used by the Supreme Court to protect the basic freedoms we enjoy in our daily lives.


    World History Chapter 8- The Prophet Muhammad Explore Muhammad's life and learn about the spread of Islam throughout Arabia and beyond.



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