•  Math 6 & 7 with Mrs. Williams




    1 composition book for math notes only

    1 spiral notebook for math homeowrk only

    1 folder for worksheets and handouts

    1 roll of tape to secure papers into composition book

    pencils and pens (3 colors are helpful for color cordinating notes with steps)


    Communication with Remind.com

     I will be using an app called Remind.com to send out short texts to update parents, guardians and students about class.  I recommend that anyone interested in what is happening in the classroom sign up, so multiple people from one family can sign up.  I ask that if you are not the student who is signing up that you pur their name in parenthesis next to yours.


    To sign up, send a text to the number 81010.  Each class has a different message or class clode that you will send as a message to 81010.  The information is found below.  (For general information, the actual class code, does not include the @, but to sign up for the class the @ must be included for the app to know you wish to enroll in this texting system.)


    1st period (7th grade math) class code:  @24c47k

    2nd period (6th grade math) class code: @back6k

    3rd period (6th grade math) class code:  @gg6hbc

    4th period (6th grade math) class code:  @g3hhdf

    6th period (6th grade math) class code: @go6ckk

Last Modified on July 24, 2020