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    Learning to speak another’s language means taking one’s place in the human community. It means reaching out to others across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Language is far more than a system to be explained. It is our most important link to the world around us. Language is culture in motion. It is people interacting with people.


        Savignon (1983)

    My e-mail address: vantler@sanjuan.edu

    "Others and their differences can also be right."
    -IB Mission Statement


    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school. We will have a great opportunity to learn about the French language and culture.  

    Here are a few suggestions on how to create a successful learning environment at home: 

    1. Students should have a set work space where he/she can complete assignments, and keep their supplies. It is important that students feel a sense of organization and structure.

    2. Pack your backpack the night before so that you remember to have everything you will need in class. 


     A few more important points:


    • Attendance will be taken for each class period. It is important that students attend classes and complete all assignments. 
    • Academic grades: All assignments are worth points.  We will be using the traditional A-F grading system.
    • Oral participation  will be an integral part of the final grade.
    • French I and II are high-school level courses and students are required to maintain a B average in order to be recommended to move to the next level. 
    • Please, make sure your contact information is updated in the portal. Email will be our primary form of communication with guardians.  It is extremely important that your email is entered correctly. 
    • Google classroom is where assignments will be posted and students are also required to copy them down on their planners.



    This  website is used as a welcome space, and not updated throughout the school year.                         

                  Student Portal, Zoom and Google classroom will be the distant learning platform.

    There will have ample time to discuss our assignments and content during our live zoom meetings, but if questions come up outside the Bell schedule, please email me at vantler@sanjuan.edu 



    Mme. Antler's Schedule:

    1st Period: IB MYP French II
    2nd Period: 6th exploration
    3rd Period: IB MYp French I
    4th Period: Prep
    5th Period: 6th exploration
    6th Period:IB MYP French I

    Stay ïn the know"by logging onto the San Juanś Parent Connection ofte.
    Grades are updated regularly and can be seen for all classes in ¨Q¨ via Parent portal
    We are a digital site - progress notices and report cards are NOT printed and sent/mailed home.


    *Please contact the office if you are having problems logging in to the Parent Portal, or do not know login information.  Unfortunately I cannot assist with these issues.
    Check out the links at the bottom of this page [many are good for all IB classes].
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