• Welcome to Mrs. Harimoto's Mandarin Class Website:

    mengshui.harimoto@sanjuan.edu  E-mail is the best way to contact me

    Classroom: F1

    • Attendance will be taken for each class period. It is important that students attend school and completed all assignments.
    • All assignments are worth points; these points go toward students' academic grades for the class.  We will be using the traditional A-F grading system. Grades are weighted. 
    • All the assignments will be distributed during the class and also will be posted in Google classroom.
    • Please make sure your contact information is updated in Google classroom and the portal. Email will be our primary form of communication with guardians. 



    Class schedule: 
    Period 1: 6th graders MYP language wheel
    Period 2: MYP  Mandarin 2 (8th graders)
    period 3: MYP  Mandarin 1 (7th graders)
    Period 4: prep
    Period 5: 6th graders MYP language wheel
    Period 6: MYP Mandarin 1 (7th graders)

Last Modified on August 10, 2021