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    Welcome to 7th grade physical education!  
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    LOUIS PASTEUR STUDENTS & PARENTS: My webpage is under construction as I transition from Winston Churchill to Louis Pasteur.  Please feel free to browse around but some of the information may not be applicable to Pasteur.  I apologize for any confusion.  Don't hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns in the meantime.

    The Ol Days :)

    The Ol' Days 😉

    Physical education presents the opportunity to participate in daily physical activity.  We'll have fun, work hard, and build relationships with one another.  


    A Sacred Trust

    "A leader, particularly a teacher or coach, has a most powerful influence on those he or she leads, perhaps more than anyone outside the family.  Therefore, it is the obligation of that leader, teacher, or coach to treat such responsibility as a grave concern.  I consider it a sacred trust:  helping to mold character, instill productive principles and values, and provide a positive example to those under my supervision.  Furthermore I consider it a privilege to have such an obligation, one that should never be taken lightly."  
                                         - Coach John Wooden

    Our class will consist of a variety of sports and fitness-related activities.  Some POSSIBLE activities include:

    - Cooperative Games

    - Soccer

    - Ultimate 

    - Flag Football

    - Fitness Circuits

    - Adventure Races

    - Dance

    - Golf

    - Pickleball....my personal favorite!

    - Basketball

    - Team Handball (aka "Olympic Handball)

    - Volleyball

    - Track & Field

    - Physical Fitness Testing (Fitnessgram) 

    - Street Hockey

    - Games Around The World (games played by kids in countries all over the wolrd.)

    - Field Games (Capture the Flag, Cannonball, etc.)

    - Croquet

    - Bocce Ball 

    - Cardiovascular Endurance Training (Run Days, PACER, H.I.I.T.)

    - Yoga

    - Miniature Golf

    - Softball/Over The Line

    - Create-A-Game Project

    - And possibly much more :)


    Students are required to change their clothing for physical education class.  The uniform consists of:

    - Louis Pasteur PE shirt OR plain white t-shirt.

    - Louis Pasteur PE shorts OR plain black gym shorts.

    - Laced athletic shoes. 

    - Louis Pasteur PE sweatpants/sweatshirts OR  plain black sweatpants/sweatshirts can be worn during cold weather (PE shirt still required.)


    Students are required to bring a lock in order to be assigned a PE basket in the locker room. Locks can be purchased in the office.




    Check your grades frequently.  Points for productive participation are entered daily.  

    *Please contact the office if you are having problems logging in to the Parent Portal, or do not know login information.  Unfortunately I cannot assist with these issues. 




                                                                   - Mr. Lishman 

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