• Practice (aka Band Homework)

    Practice SMART! Practice what you do not know, practice slowly, break down hard passages, and look for connections. Even dynamics, phrasing, articulations should be practiced. 

    Intermediate and Advanced students should have begun their practicing routines. Advanced students should practice a minimum of 100 minutes a week! 

    Beginning students should start practicing 15 minutes 4 times a week (60 minutes) and gradually increase the practice time. 



     Ode to the Forgotten Instruments

    The band room was bustling

    while the students were hustling

    back home from the first week of school


    The joy was astounding

    while the trumpets were sounding

    a melody... oh so cool


    One by one the instruments left

    leaving those bereft.

    Alone they will stay, hidden away

    nobody to hold them until Monday.


    Let this be your warning,

    Your first and your last

    There's a playing test Wednesday,

    Do you think you will pass?

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Last Modified on January 21, 2020