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    What is a mole?  Click on the link below

    What is a Mole? https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-a-mole-and-why-are-moles-used-602108





    Link to Ch 5 Virtual lab





    LINK to California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) California Science Test (CAST)

    Pasteur 8th graders will be taking the CAASPP CAST during the 2nd week of April just before Spring Break.  Here is a link to the practice test. 






    In August 2018, 4 planets arc across the evening sky. From west to east as night falls, these bright worlds are Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Late August features Mercury before sunrise.



    Whoa! Cool. In March 2018, you can see all 5 bright planets. Look west after sunset for Mercury and Venus. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are up before dawn.  Click away for all the details earthsky.org!  And remember, keep your eyes on the sky!




    Highest Paying Bachelors Degrees by Salary Potential

    Here is a 2016-2017 College Salary Report that lists over 300 college degrees including their entry level and mid career yearly salary.  After clicking on Article 1 click on the blue tab to see the full list. 

    The Best Places for Pay for STEM jobs - 2017 Edition

    This recent article lists average pay for STEM careers in 25 different U.S. metro areas and lists the common fields and employers for each.  Click on Article 2.


    Total Eclipse of the Sun on Monday, August 21, 2017

    Check out the livestream from the Exploratorium this Monday beginning around 10:00 am.  They will be livestreaming from the path of totality in Madras, Oregon and Casper, Wyoming during the 2 hour jaunt of the moon's shadow as it races across the contonental United States at 1000 mph!

    Check out San Francisco's Exploratorium website and watch short video about the eclipse in the meantime.  

    Also, during the eclipse, be sure to look at the shadows made by trees. What you can often see are little crescents like these taken in El Dorado County during the last partial eclipse on May 20, 2012. 


    garage horse house sun

  • Visit an observatory in Placerville.

     The Cameron Park Rotary Community Observatory (located in Placerville) is free to the public on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights weather permitting.  Visit their website by clicking on this link communityobservatory.com to learn about hours, directions, events, and what parts of our galaxy their two 14 inch telescopes can bring to life.  For extra credit -> Bring back the complimentary star chart with a docent signature attached to a well written paragraph or two describing your experience and what you were able to see and learn. 

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