• We are lucky to have a wood shop program here at Louis Pasteur.  We are one of the only full time shop programs in the middle schools of the San Juan district.  We were also the recipient of a CRANE grant that allowed us to purchase new equipment to more closely align with the shop program at Casa Roble High School, the high school where most of our students will enroll. 
    My goal in shop is to introduce our students to wood working in a safe supervised environment.  The students will learn the safe and proper use of tools/machinery and how to work safely and productively in a shop environment.  This year we will also introduce an unit on measurement and basic mechanical drawing.  We will be doing some work with basic carpentry/framing.  The goal of these units will be to allow students to move into a more advanced shop class at Casa Robles if they decide to continue with wood shop in high school.  It will also give them some background in the construction trades if they decide to pursue them for a career choice.  If not a career, they will at least have the experience and confidence, hopefully, to attempt to fix or repair things at home in the future or to have a hobby that will be both relaxing and possibly rewarding.
    Another goal is to allow the students to demonstrate excellence in their work in a different type of classroom setting.  We will constantly talk about the three P's of success.  Perseverance, Patience and Pride.  These are the attributes that are needed to succeed here in class and in any endeavor that the student will choose.
    Wood Shop is a Pass/Fail class.  The students will have to work safely each day in order to receive a  passing grade.  If the students cannot/will not work safely each day, I will have alternative reading/writing/research projects that they will have to complete in order to earn a passing grade.  In order to have the materials necessary for each student to complete projects and take them home, we are asking for a $20 shop fee.  This is good for the semester and all projects that are produced.
Last Modified on August 10, 2015