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    email: eoverholt@sanjuan.edu
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    I'm Eric Overholt. I've taught history at Pasteur since 2006 and I'm looking forward to working with you all this year.
    If I am lucky enough to be your teacher, then you will need a history notebook. Just about any lined notebook will do- I'll provide a history notebook for students who need one. Don't make it too thick or it won't fit in your binder! (70-100 sheets is great). Please bring TWO notebooks- we'll keep one for the second semester.

    COMMUNITY SERVICE SLIDES- each item below is one of your slides:

    1. A photo/ graphic image of the nonprofit organization or of the student doing the service.

    2. Background information about the nonprofit organization. 

    3. What you chose to do and why you chose it.

    4. Describe exactly what you did- e.g.- sweep, set tables, file papers, etc.

    5. How this helped the community and why you would or would not do this again.

    6. Information on how someone else could help/volunteer and any other jobs/services they could possibly do at this nonprofit.

    All history classes have community service projects due in December and May. Click HERE  for more info on community service.
    Monet's Garden
    You can email me at eoverholt@sanjuan.edu


Last Modified on February 20, 2020